Friday, September 18, 2015

Multitenant : PDB Cloning [remote and Non-CDB] 12c (

Multitenant : PDB Clone a Remote PDB or Non-CDB in Oracle Database

From Oracle was it possible to de cloning of PDB's in a local Container database. Since version Oracle has extended this functionality to remote PDB cloning. Cloning between two separted on-premises Oracle databases 12c non-CDBs as PDBs to an on-premises Oracle Database 12c container database. This method works also on Oracle Database 12c DBaaS database - Oracle Database Cloud Service (DBCS). An 12c RDBMS migration from On-Premise to Premise and back.

Monday, June 29, 2015

gDBClone script Database Clone/Snapshot Management Script

gDBClone script Database Clone/Snapshot Management Script. A Simple Approach to Managing Test and Development Environments Leveraging ACFS Snapshots on your environment

The diagram below illustrates a typical test and dev environment that can be created and managed with the gDBClone command.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Using on ZFSSA:ZFSSAADM - Copy On Write (COW) on ZFS Storage Appliance (ZFSSA)

Database cloning with Copy On Write (COW) on ZFS Storage Appliance (ZFSSA). The method that I will demonstrate is the method of using the API ZFSSAADM for database cloning for data on ZFSSA. ZFSSAADM is an API which is part of the 12c Oracle software.

What we have is the following setup

  • An Oracle database 12c server 
    • With NFS mount point to the ZFS Storage Appliance Operational 
  • Direct NFS for databases Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance Simulator [Server IP]

    Validate my environment and settings

    Validate if it is a CDB database

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

sysresv - System Resource Verifier utility for ipc resource Database

Is there a solution to identified the memory semaphores for an database.
Normal we use:

ipcs -as|grep oracle

But from the ORACLE_HOME/bin there is a sysresv that will detect this for a database instance.
Use the sysresv utility to display the status of an Oracle instance and identify the operating system resources it uses, such as the memory and semaphore parameters


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Queryable Patch Inventory or DBMS_QOPATCH

New in Oracle 12c is queryable Opatch. Oracle offers a set of tables and a PL/SQL packages to query the Oracle Inventory.Prior to Oracle 12c, it was not easy to List Oracle patches. Now from Oracle 12c and beyond, you can use the DBMS_QOPATCH package to list all patches.

Using DBMS_QOPATCH; Oracle Database 12c has a PL/SQL - SQL interface for viewing patch information using a select statement instead a OS ORACLE opach command. This new interface view all the patch information available as part of the ,OPatch lsinventory -xml command conform the the OS Oracle opatch command. The package DBMS_QOPATCH accesses the Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) patch inventory in real time to provide patch and patch meta information.