Wednesday, March 21, 2012

OracleRemExecService available Windows only

OracleRemExecService is a service which is only used temporarily by the OUI
It gets removed when OUI is finished with it, therefore, it will have a value of 'DISABLED' until a reboot - then it will simply be gone, ignore and leave this service untouched.

The Oracle Windows service "OracleRemExecService" to execute various commands from Oracle applications like DBCA and GUI. The service itself relies on a named pipe to receive the


  1. Good info. Thanks

  2. Very helpful, thank you. We have found that if we use batch scripts to install the 32-bit Oracle 11.2 Client for Windows then install the 64-bit immediately after the 64-bit installation fails. Ironically, if we then re-run the 64-bit installer, without changing a thing, the installation will work fine. We found that if we put "net stop OracleRemExecService 2>NUL" in each of our scripts then both installations work perfectly.