Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Upgrade the standby dataguard ASM structure to Oracle 11gR2.: Upgrade ASM to 11gR2

Oracle 11gR2 is out for Linux, and I decided to upgrade one of my existing database with ASM to Direct upgrade to 11gR2 is supported from or higher, or higher, or higher and or higher. If you have a database then first you need to upgrade to intermediate release i.e then to>>>>>

I will show a upgrade of an existing Single Instance database with ASM, having
same ORACLE_HOME, to Oracle 11gR2 with ASM.
The Oracle environment is a Dataguard structure bases on 11.1.06 with ASM.

The new situation will be one ASM instance with 11.2 and Oracle instance
The upgrade needs to be performed in two phases:

Done       1. Upgrade the ASM instance of one of the DG’s
Pending   2. Upgrade the other ASM instance of the DG structure
Pending   3. Upgrade Oracle databases.

There are three ways to upgrade already existing ASM instance:

         - Using OUI of Grid Infrastructure
         - Using ASM Configuration Assistant
         - Manual upgrade

The recommended method to upgrade ASM instance is to use OUI of Grid Infrastructure,which I will used. From Oracle 11gR2 onwards ASM is part of Grid Infrastructure and we need to download Grid Infrastructure software first. To download the software for 11gR2 Grid Infrastructure

Start the Oracle runInstaller


  1. It will automatically start with the default “Upgrade Mode”
  2. Upgrade11gR2_01
  3. Click on Next
  4. Upgrade11gR2_03
  5. Click Yes.
    It will detect the already existing ASM instance. Shutdown the Database and ASM instance at this point.
  6. Upgrade11gR2_04
  7. Select the language and click on Next
  8. Upgrade11gR2_05
  9. Give the password for the ASMSNMP user and click on Next
    Remark: The is a security and checking on the password
    see Information Password Checking at the end of this Blog post.
  10. Upgrade11gR2_06
  11. Select the usergroups and click on Next
  12. Upgrade11gR2_07
  13. This a recommendation of oracle. I allow it and click on Yes
  14. Upgrade11gR2_08
  15. Validate or insert the Oracle base and Software location and click on Next.
  16. Upgrade11gR2_09
  17. On my system some Settings are not correct. The cause is my VMware settings
    I select the Ignore text box and click on Next. 
  18. Upgrade11gR2_10
  19. Create a response file by clicking on Save Response file button
  20. Upgrade11gR2_11
  21. Give the location and file name and click on Save and then on Finished see step 9
  22. Upgrade11gR2_12
  23. Logon as root and execute the “/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/rootupgrade.sh” script.
  24. Upgrade11gR2_13
  25. Click on OK in the X-window see step 11
  26. Upgrade11gR2_14
  27. Click on Skip button 
  28. Upgrade11gR2_15
  29. Click on Close
  30. Upgrade11gR2_16
  31. Click on Close

Information Password Checking

Oracle will check the password of the user and give a popup when the oracle validation is not conform de recommendations of Oracle.


Oracle Password Recommendations when prompted for a password.


Oracle recommends that the password you specify:

•contains at least one lowercase letter.
• contains at least one uppercase letter.
• contains at least one digit.
• is at least 8 characters in length.
• uses the database character set which can include the underscore (_), dollar ($), and pound sign (#) characters.
• if contains special characters, including beginning the password with a number or symbol, then enclose the password with double-quotation marks.
• should not be an actual word

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