Friday, November 26, 2010

Resolving Problems in Mixed-Database Environments in a 11gR2 Clusterware

Oracle 11.2 fully supports continuing to use non-11.2 databases on a cluster that has been upgraded to 11.2. However, you should be aware that the Oracle base release contained a number of problems that could affect users with a 10.2 database.

Known problem with brand new installations of Grid Infrastructure 11.2 and pre-11.2 RDBMS instances is related to node pinning.
During the upgrade, the nodes containing 10.2 RDBMS software will be pinned, allowing pre-11.2 databases to run on them.
Important aspect is with Non-upgraded clusters are not automatically pinned, which causes problems with emca and dbca when executed from the pre-11.2 Oracle homes.

You should use the utilities from the $GRID_HOME to manage resources provided by the same Oracle home. Similarly, when managing pre-11.2 resources, you can use
the commands from their respective homes. This is a golden rule to remember

You can find more information about problems with 10.2 databases and 11.2 Grid Infrastructure documented in My Oracle Support note, 948456.1.

Mostly after the OCR has been upgraded successfully, the action script parameter still references a file in the 10.2 Clusterware home.
This can be solved with the crsctl command:

crsctl modify resource ora.PROD.db \
-attr "ACTION_SCRIPT=$GRID_HOME/bin/racgwrap" 

Find out the action script name and its location by issuing:

crs_stat -p  | grep ACTION_SCRIPT

Issue "crs_stat | grep -i name" to find the resource names.

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