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Clusterware References 10g

Clusterware References;
Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on Linux

Metalink Notes

259301.1CRS and 10g RAC
This note contains a useful awk script to improve the output of crs_stat -ls
436067.1Windows CRS_STAT script to display long names correctly
309541.1How to start/stop the 10g CRS Clusterware
263897.1How to stop Cluster Ready Services (CRS)
298073.1How to remove CRS auto start and restart for a RAC instance
295871.1How to verify if CRS install is valid
316583.1VIPCA fails complaining that interface is not public
341214.1How to cleanup after a failed (or successful) Oracle Clusterware installation
280589.1How to install Oracle 10g CRS on a cluster where one or more nodes are not to be configured with CRS immediately
357808.1CRS Diagnostics
272331.1CRS 10g Diagnostic Guide
330358.1CRS 10g R2 Diagnostic Collection Guide
331168.1Oracle Clusterware consolidated logging in 10gR2
342590.1CRS logs not being written
357808.1Diagnosability for CRS/EVM/RACG
459694.1Procwatcher: Script to Monitor and Examine Oracle and CRS Processes
289690.1Data Gathering for Troubleshooting RAC and CRS issues
265769.1Troubleshooting CRS Reboots
240001.1Troubleshooting CRS problems (10g RAC)
239989.110g RAC - Stopping Reboot Loops when CRS problems occur
294430.1CSS Timeout Computation in 10g RAC
284752.110gRAC: Steps to Increase CSS Misscount, Reboottime and Disktimeout
462616.1Reconfiguring the CSS disktimeout of 10gR2 Clusterware for proper LUN failover
293819.1Placement of voting and OCR disk file in 10g RAC
317628.1How to replace a corrupt OCR mirror file
452486.1Moving OCR and Voting Disk to another location
399482.1How to recreate OCR/Voting disk accidentally deleted
358620.1How to recreate OCR/Voting disk in 10gR1/R2 RAC
279793.1How to Restore a Lost Voting Disk in 10g
264847.1How to Configure Virtual IPs for 10g RAC
283684.1How to change interconnect/public interface IP subnet in a 10g cluster
276434.1Modifying the VIP or VIP Hostname of an Oracle 10g Clusterware Node
294336.1Changing the check interval for the Oracle 10g VIP
219361.1Troubleshooting Instance Evictions (ORA-29740)
297498.1Resolving Instance Evictions on Windows platforms
315125.1What to check if the Cluster Synchronization Services daemon (OCSSD) does not start
270512.1Adding a node to a 10g RAC Cluster
269320.1Removing a node from a 10g RAC Cluster
338706.1Cluster Ready Services (CRS) rolling upgrade
399031.1Step-by-step installation of Oracle Clusterware one-off and bundle patches for Oracle 10g
401783.1Changes in Oracle Clusterware after applying Patchset
405820.1Known Issues After Applying 10.2 CRS bundle patches
316817.1Cluster Verification Utility (CLUVFY) FAQ
372358.1 Shared disk check with the Cluster Verification Utility
338924.1 CLUVFY Fails with error - could not find a suitable set of interfaces for VIPs


Fixed in Oracle and

White Papers

Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect Oracle Application Server Roland Knapp
Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect Third Party Applications Philip Newlan
Using Oracle Clusterware to Protect a Single-Instance Oracle Database Philip Newlan

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