Monday, May 2, 2011

Use Chrome plugin to make Oracle AWR reports (formattter) friendly

Blogpost of Tom Kyte Thursday, April 28, 2011

An "AWR Formatter" written by a friend of mine, Tyler Muth. It's pretty cool - works as a Chrome plugin - and it makes an AWR report a little more 'friendly' to use. It creates hot links for many of the wait events (so you know what they mean) and it summarizes up a lot of stuff - making the AWR report a lot more "interactive". Check it out and give him feedback on it if you have time.


You can watch a screencast of it in action here.

More information:

  • If you need a “demo” AWR Report , you can download this report

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  1. Hi Jos
    great tool
    I also have a tool to make charts out of Awr/Statspack/Grid Control
    you can have a look on
    patrick boulay