Monday, December 5, 2011

Oracle Goldengate first acquaintance

The Oracle's strategic solution for real time data integration. Oracle GoldenGate provides low-impact capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of transactional data across heterogeneous environments in real time

GoldenGate Quick Start Tutorials from Gavin SoorMa
  1. GoldenGate Concepts and Architecture
  2. Installation on Red Hat Linux with Oracle 11g
  3. Configuring the Manager process
  4. Performing an initial data load
  5. Configuring online change synchronization
  6. Configuring the Data Pump process
  7. Configuring DDL Synchronization
  8. Filtering and Mapping data
  9. Monitoring Goldengate
  10. Performing a zero downtime cross platform database upgrade
  11. Installing the GoldenGate Director and Client
  12. Using the GoldenGate Director and Client
  13. GoldenGate Veridata Installation and Configuration
  14. GoldenGate Veridata Agent Installation and Configuration
  15. Online Change Synchronization with Initial Data Load
  16. Encrypting Data and Passwords
  17. Some other useful GoldenGate Commands – SHELL, OBEY, HISTORY, VERSIONS
  18. Goldengate DDL Synchronization – some more examples
  19. Goldengate – What is supported and what is not supported ….
  20. Performance Tuning using the RANGE function
  21. Customizing GoldenGate using SQLEXEC and GETVAL functions
  22. Using Goldengate EVENTACTIONS and record markers
  23. Using Goldengate TOKENS with the COLMAP clause
  24. Capturing GoldenGate BEFORE Images using GETUPDATEBEFORES
  25. GoldenGate replication with source and target on the same physical host
  26. GoldenGate replication using a data definition file and DEFGEN utility

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