Monday, October 1, 2012

Create Database using dbca result: TNS-04612: Null RHS for service_name

When creating a (cluster) database using DBCA it can result into an error. One of those errors can be TNS-04404, TNS-04414 & TNS-04612 errors. Testing the service with tnsping or sqlplus works fine.

TNS-04414: File error caused by: TNS-04612: Null RHS for “service_name”
TNS-04404 error

Network entry

Network entry causing the problem, the problem is related to the layout format of the network string.

The solution

Tnsping works fine, with DBCA we get an error, solving the entry format conform the NETCA layout.

Change the entry confrom the NETCA format: =
     (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = joords_scan)(PORT = 1521))

An other solution is:

  1. Remove tnsnames.ora file & Recreate using netca
  2. Remove the specific entry, which is reported as part of ‘null RHS’ error

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