Monday, December 3, 2012

RMAN>STARTUP DBA - restrict database

How to startup a database in rman for restricted sessions. You would say conform SQLPLUS

SQL> startup restrict 
RMAN> startup restrict 
It's not working, the word restrict generate an error inside RMAN.

The solution is using "STARTUP DBA"

RMAN> startup DBA


If you specify only STARTUP with no other options, then the instance starts the instance with the default server parameter file, mounts the control file, and opens the database. 
  1.  DBARestricts access to users with the RESTRICTED SESSION privilege. 
  2. FORCE
    If the database is open, then FORCE shuts down the database with a SHUTDOWN ABORT statement before re-opening it. If the database is closed, then FORCE opens the database.
  3. MOUNT
    Starts the instance, then mounts the database without opening it 
    Starts the instance without mounting the database. 

    This for Oracle RDBMS 10.2.04 and higher.

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  1. Hello Jos,
    Thanks for posting the above articles. In order to help me understand, can you give some advice as to when you would run a database with the RESTRICTED SESSION privilege as opposed to starting the database in Mount mode without opening it.
    Thanks for your blog. Really enjoy all the info you provide.