Tuesday, March 31, 2015

sysresv - System Resource Verifier utility for ipc resource Database

Is there a solution to identified the memory semaphores for an database.
Normal we use:

ipcs -as|grep oracle

But from the ORACLE_HOME/bin there is a sysresv that will detect this for a database instance.
Use the sysresv utility to display the status of an Oracle instance and identify the operating system resources it uses, such as the memory and semaphore parameters


sysresv [-i] [-f] [-d on|off] [-l sid1[ sid2 ...]]
/opt/oracle/product//12.1/bin/sysresv: invalid option -- -
usage : sysresv [-if] [-d ] [-l sid1  ...]
   -i : Prompt before removing ipc resources for each sid
   -f : Remove ipc resources silently, oevrrides -i option
   -d : List ipc resources for each sid if on
   -l sid1  .. : apply sysresv to each sid
Default : sysresv -d on -l $ORACLE_SID
Note : ipc resources will be attempted to be deleted for a
   sid only if there is no currently running instance
   with that sid.

The System Resource Verifier utility (sysresv) is available with Oracle8i and later releases. It provides Oracle instance and operating system resource information for the Oracle system identifiers (ORACLE_SID) that you specify. You can use this utility when an Oracle instance has crashed or was aborted, and memory and semaphores related to this instance were not cleaned up automatically. This utility is also useful in determining which Oracle instance is running.


Oracle documentation 12c

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