Sunday, March 14, 2021

Dynamic CPU Scaling in Oracle Database

Dynamic CPU Scaling in Oracle Database 

Prior to this new feature, DBAs had to allocate resources for peak loads to a database to ensure scale up was possible, and to ensure needed resources weren’t taken by other applications, commonly known as "Noisy Neighbors".

Oracle offers the ability to configure "shares" and "limits" for each Pluggable Database within a Container Database.

Shares are expressed as a share value, whereas utilization limit is expressed as a percentage such as shown in the example below:

Dynamic CPU Scaling in Oracle Database 19c (19.4)

With CPU min/max ranges, administrators can establish lower and upper bounds of vCPU available to each Pluggable Database.
This feature is controlled by 2 simple parameters within each Pluggable Database as follows:
CPU_MIN_COUNT is the minimum number of vCPUs the Pluggable Database Instance will receive.  The total of CPU_MIN_COUNT for all Pluggable Database instances should not exceed the CPU_COUNT of the Container Database instance. When DBRM is enabled, and when CPU_MIN_COUNT has been set, the CPU_COUNT parameter defines the maximum number of vCPUs that can be used by a Pluggable Database Instance.  


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